Windsor Essex County Cancer Centre Foundation | Seeds for Hope
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Seeds for Hope

Seeds4Hope was established in 2009 as the Foundation’s annual grant awards program providing start-up funding for locally-based, new and innovative cancer research. This research, based in Windsor and Essex County, and supported by our community, brings scientists and physicians together to find better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer.


Grants are available for up to $80,000 each, over a two year period, are non-renewable and are used for approved research-related expenditures. The number of grants approved each year depends on funds available and the quality of submissions.


This annual research grant competition is open to a wide range of research, e.g. laboratory, clinical and psychosocial and is administered by Dr. Michael Dufresne. Applicants must hold M.D. or Ph.D. degrees and be formally affiliated with a local institution such as the University of Windsor or the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre. Collaborations are encouraged.

Want to get involved?
Since 2009, almost $2,000,000 has been awarded to 27 cancer research projects involving more than 60 local researchers!


Dr. Kulkarni
Grant Amount: $90,000
Project: To develop a brain tumour screening model to advance what we know about brain tumour biology, accelerate testing of new promising drugs and to optimize individualized therapeutic options for this aggressive cancer.


Dr. Misra
Grant Amount: $90,000
Project: To examine tumor specimens from young-onset colorectal cancer (CRC) patients and determine if there is a molecular profile that is associated with development and progression of cancer in these patients. This will help guide targeted treatment strategies and identify patients who may benefit from ongoing clinical trials.


Dr. Trant
Grant Amount: $90,000
Project: To design vaccine candidates that could provide an approach, complementary to current therapies, to improve both the quality of life and survival rates of lung cancer patients.


All three projects involve multi-disciplinary research teams of clinicians and bench scientists and significantly advance the awardees research programs


Dr. John Hudson
Grant Amount: $80,000
Project: Plk4 haploinsufficiency as a genetic predisposition for hematological malignancies.


Dr. Josée Jarry Grant Amount: $70,680
Project: Ashtanga yoga for women with breast cancer: A feasibility study.


Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal
Grant Amount: $77,236
Project: Identifying a genetic signature that predicts progression of non-invasive urothelial (bladder) carcinoma to an invasive cancer.


Dr. James Gauld
Grant Amount: $77,000
Project: Implications of select TSC2 mutations in cell division and disease progression


Dr. Phillip Karpowicz
Grant Amount: $75,125
Project: The timing of cancer: an investigation of the circadian clock and photoperiod on tumorigenesis in the APCmin mouse.

Dr. Lisa Porter
Grant Amount: $80,000
Project: Markers in the early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.


Dr. William Crosby
Grant Amount: $66,700
Project: Systemic Profiling of SCF E3 Ligase Regulatory Attributes at Play in Cell Cycle Control and Cancer

Dr. Maher El-Masri
Grant Amount: $75,125
Project: Exploring the impact of implementing a community-based outreach and navigation cancer prevention and screening program on the uptake of cancer screening in an immigrant community.

Dr. Alioune Ngom
Grant Amount: $76,500
Project: Detecting Driver Genes and Network Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Subtypes.